Equestrian team all set for the Tokyo Olympics


Charlotte Dujardin
Team GB’s equestrian team is busy getting ready for the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and lovers of all things equine can’t wait to see them compete in the dressage, eventing and show jumping events from July 23.

They will, of course, be immaculately turned out to impress. A smartly presented horse and rider give a professional image to the judge especially for those competing in dressage. For dressage traditional formal attire is required consisting of a flat-crowned black top hat, black or dark blue swallow tail coat, white hunting stock, off-white breeches, black dress boots and light coloured gloves and spurs.  Horses must wear a double bridle giving the rider more control over the horse. All dressage riders must use a designated dressage saddle, which is an English-type saddle with longer flaps than a jumping saddle allowing the rider’s legs to be closer to the horse.

Kentucky Horsewear do an incredible range of saddle pads which are an essential addition because as well as looking great they are important to protect the horse’s back from the saddle. They come in both dressage and jumping shapes.

Cross-country requires a different type of saddle with flaps placed a little forward of the rider’s knee and padding is allowed to secure the rider’s legs in position. Those competing in cross-country need to wear a body protector vest and an Olympic approved helmet - many dress for comfort in a lightweight polo shirt.

When it comes to the show jumping riders wear a hunting cap, riding jackets, a white shirt and choker for women and tie for men, white breeches and black boots.

The horses will have their own wardrobe to complement the rider and can be kitted out in fly veils (which go over the ears), saddle pads and leg coverings all to match.

And it’s important to make sure they are kept safe while travelling in both horse boxes and airplanes. The Olympic horses will travel in pairs in special ‘flying stables’ and these frequent flyers wear bandage wraps or boots to protect their legs such as the Kentucky Horsewear Stable bandage pads which are quilted and padded and are ideal for transportation.

We have a great selection of equipment for horses whether they are being ridden for pleasure or competition, in the stable or out in the field. Owner and international show jumper, Julia McGeoch, says: “I use these products myself because I know they will last and last, they’re practical as well as beautiful. Honestly, they just work!”

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