two dogs in a dog bed

Ever noticed your precious pooch has a peculiar preference for getting comfy? Just like us humans, each dog can have their own way of getting cosy and nothing gives us more joy than bringing happiness to our beloved canine friends.

Here’s a few ways you can find the perfect bed to give your dog peaceful snoozing all night long, whatever their size, personality and preference.

Is your dog a rescue? Does it get anxious and seek shelter? Perhaps you’ve noticed they need to find a spot to hide when they’re feeling nervous. Beds such as the Kentucky Dog Bed Igloo are ideal for a dog like this. It provides a safe haven where they can relax without being disturbed and even has fuzzy fake racoon fur on the inside. The hood stands on itself thanks to special padding. These hooded beds replicate the sheltered protection of a cave or burrow. Rescued dogs from abroad, familiar with this type of sanctuary, can find this extremely comforting. This type of bed is also ideal for dogs who enjoy time in their crate, those who like to burrow, have separation anxiety and who feel the cold.

Dogs like donuts - particularly donut beds for comfy naps. They are specially designed to help your dog relax more easily and sleep more peacefully. Thanks to its donut shape dogs feels secure like in a nest, providing a positive effect on their relaxation. The Kentucky Dog Bed Comfort Donut is easy to maintain as the high-quality fake fur does not allow dog hairs to get trapped.

In many homes dog beds are part of the furniture sitting alongside the sofa and TV. For those who a looking for comfort and style there are some classy-looking beds on the market which satisfy the needs of the house-proud owner and the comforts of their dog. The Kentucky Dog Bed Basket is a perfect example offering fashion and comfort united in one classy dog bed. The outer basket is made of natural woven seagrass to give it an upmarket look to enhance your home interior.

Do you love taking your dog absolutely everywhere with you? The problem is many dog beds can take up half the car. Take a look into some of the more stylish ‘to go’ beds. These handy beds can be whipped up into a compact package to chuck in the car or fling under the sofa when tidying up. The Kentucky Dog Bed Blanket Fuzzy to Go made of racoon faux fur on the inside and strong polyester linen on the outside is super comfy and practical and can be rolled up when on the road.

When buying your dog’s bed it is important to make sure that you buy the right size for your dog. Purchasing a bed that is too large for your dog cancels out that comfy sense of enclosure your dog enjoys, so make sure to pick a size that makes sense for your pooch.

Also bear in mind how you are going to clean the bed. While some beds feature removable covers or cushions that can be put in the washing machine, others are spot clean only. This may not be much of a problem for house-trained dogs, but not ideal for pups or older incontinent dogs.