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Equestrian team all set for the Tokyo Olympics

  Team GB’s equestrian team is busy getting ready for the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and lovers of all things equine can’t wait to see them compete in the dressage, eventing and show jumping events from July 23. They will, of course, be immaculately turned out to impress. A smartly presented horse and rider give a professional image to the judge especially for those competing in dressage. For dressage traditional formal attire is required consisting of a flat-crowned black top hat, black or dark blue swallow tail coat, white hunting stock, off-white breeches, black dress boots and light coloured gloves and spurs.  Horses must wear a double bridle giving the rider more control over the horse. All dressage riders...

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Getting ready to welcome your new horse

  Getting your first horse is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life but a lot of preparation has to be done to ensure you have everything you need to both care for and ride your four-legged friend. One of the first tasks is to make sure you have the right tack for your particular horse - an ill-fitting saddle or the wrong bit will not only be uncomfortable for the horse but for you when you ride it.  Getting the right saddle for your horse is really important and the saddle needs to correspond to the shape of the horse’s back with no adverse movement. Saddle sizes vary from 15” to 19” and the...

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Ever noticed your precious pooch has a peculiar preference for getting comfy? Just like us humans, each dog can have their own way of getting cosy and nothing gives us more joy than bringing happiness to our beloved canine friends. Here’s a few ways you can find the perfect bed to give your dog peaceful snoozing all night long, whatever their size, personality and preference. Is your dog a rescue? Does it get anxious and seek shelter? Perhaps you’ve noticed they need to find a spot to hide when they’re feeling nervous. Beds such as the Kentucky Dog Bed Igloo are ideal for a dog like this. It provides a safe haven where they can relax without being disturbed and...

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The best place for a horse is undoubtedly in a large paddock in dry, warm weather with trees for shade and lots of lush grass on hand for them to munch on. There is plenty to keep them occupied and they can enjoy a canter around with their mates when they feel like it. So on those cold, wet winter days when they are confined to a small stable, or they need stall rest for health reasons, it is not surprising they can pick up some concerning habits. Confinement can be boring and stressful for these highly intelligent creatures. One of the most common issues is cribbing which is caused by extreme boredom and produces unsightly excess saliva. Horses don't start...

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